Saturday, August 17, 2013

Under Construction..

And welcome!

This blog is under construction,
but you can find fun things to read
at The Hennery. Just follow the link above.

And the shop is open!
Come on in and take a look.
Let's pretend that there are shelves along the walls
and a fat woodstove chugging in the corner.
And a couple of comfy chairs and footstools too.
There are worn hardwood floors
and hot coffee and fresh scones.

Can you tell that it is a bit chilly outside for mid-August?
I have visions of woodstoves dancing in my head.
I just came in from doing barn chores in the rain... again.

I have rose blossoms in the stillory
turning into wonderful, soft, sweet rosewater.
And that will be up on the shelves soon too.
Along with other wonderful things like
non-burning aftershave,
an oil free moisturizing facial spritz
and many other wonderful things.

Pop back in to see what else happens around here.
I am as interested to find out as you may be.


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