__Tooth Powders_____________________________________________________

These are the tooth powders that my family and I use.
They are very gentle with no harsh abrasives or chemicals.
No sulfates or flouride,
no preservatives or strange green dyes.

I look at it this way..
the skin of the mouth is very thin and delicate.
Anything that touches it is absorbed
quickly straight into the bloodstream.
I want only good things being absorbed;
healthful things.

And these powders have no glycerin added.
Glycerin coats the teeth, trapping in stains.
And it creates a biofilm on the teeth,
giving bacteria something to cling to.
You know that 'fuzzy' feeling you can have
on your teeth at the end of a day?
That's glycerin.
With the tooth powder my teeth feel
smooth and slick all day.
That's better.

-Benotite Clay - a naturally occurring,
mineral rich clay that helps re-mineralize teeth.
Non-abrasive, yet poishes teeth to a clean shine.

-Myrrh resin - used for thousands of year
for oral care. Anti-microbial and ant-inflammatory.
It fights bacteria and soothes gums.

-Xylitol - a sweetner from birch trees that
makes the mouth more alkaline.
It prevents bacterial growth.

Spearmint Tooth Powder
1.3 0z ---------------------
with Spearmint Essential Oil

Cinnamon Tooth Powder
1.3 oz ----------------
with freshly ground cinnamon

Fennel Tooth Powder
1.3 oz ---------------
with freshly ground Fennel seed


Citrus Tooth Powder
1.3 oz -------------
With freshly ground Orange
and Lemon zest


If there is any other flavor that you would like,
please let me know and I can make it happen.
(within reason, of course)
And enjoy!
DISCLAIMER: The statements made here have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration and are for educational purposes ONLY. They are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure or prevent any disease. Please use conventional wisdom, and be sure to check with your certified medical provider before taking this or any other herbal supplement. Dosages are only a guide, seek the recommendations from a certified herbalist or natural health professional.

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