What is this all about?

I think it is about curiousity.
I want to know, I want to experience and I want to create.
Which means it must also be about a passion

For many, many years I have been studying everything I can about
how it was done back in the olden times.
The human race has been around for thousands upon thousands
of years.
And we have managed to stay alive.
We have managed
to thrive.
We have found beauty and pleasure
and medicine and health
from the nature around us.

And they wrote about it
and drew pictures
and told the knowledge down
through the generations.

Now, I am no certified herbalist.
There is nothing official about me.
But I have the passion and I have put in the time.
I read everything I can find to read
and try everything that I can try.
I love the chemistry of the plants;
the 'why' of how they do what they do.
There is reason in all of nature.

But what fun is a passion,
what purpose is the knowledge,
what good comes of an art
if you cannot share it with others?

I figure that if I am fascinated
with smelling the fragrances and scents
from 400 years ago,
then someone else might be fascinated too.

If I choose to make an herbal healing salve because I want
to help my body to heal a boo boo,
then others must want a good salve as well.

If I want to mist my linens in the same herbal
essence that the Medieval women used
then I cannot be the only curious one.

And if I want to use the purest, best
natural products on my body and in my home,
surely I can share with others.

I want to have fun with this
and the expand my horizons
and do new things
and try old formulas
and no journey is complete without companionship
and no good thing is good that is not shared with others.
I hope you will enjoy this too.
That would be really cool,
wouldn't it?

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