I love my herbal salves.
I love them.

They are pure and natural,
strong and effective.
I make them as serious medicine.
There is nothing froo froo added for fragrance
and I don't rely on weak essential oils for effectiveness.

I fresh pick my herbs and use a long time oil infusion
before adding pure, unfiltered, unpastuerized beeswax
from a dear friend's apiary.
 If you would like a bit more information on how
I do what I do, you can read about some of the process here - My Salve.

Each jar should last you a good, long time if you treat it with care.
Use only Qtips to reach into the salve jar.
Your fingers will carry in body oils and bacteria.
And keep the jar in a cool, dark place.

Cooling Heal Salve
for burns, bites and stings.

This salve contains herbs that
cool inflamed or itching areas; Plantain and Chickweed.
Yarrow helps ease the pain
and Bee Balm is a wonderful anti-microbial.
And Comfrey helps to speed the healing process.
Serious medicine!

Great on bug bites
and wonderful for burns.
This stuff really works!
(the bug pictured not included with purchase)

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Achy Bones Salve
A warming salve for cold,
stiff, achy joints

Now this one comes with a warning:
Do not use on inflamed areas.
If you run your hand across the pain
and it feels warm, then this is not
the salve for you.
Achy Bones Salve contains Joe Pye Weed,
ginger root
and juniper berries that increase circulation and are warming. Very warming.
It also contains arnica and poplar for
pain relief.
But if your joints are cold and achy,
then this salve will fix you right up.
It is amazing!
I plan on using this winter on my hands before I go out to work.
Warm hands and a warm heart!
Do not apply to broken skin either.
Ask me how I know. :)

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